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PERSISTENCE WORKS CHARITY PROJECT - is an arm of the VPMI which seeks to demonstrate the love of God to Africa, Asia & other hurting parts of the world through her various charity projects aimed at bringing hope to the hopeless, life to the dying, food for the hungry, eradicating poverty, medical care to the sick & aids victims. These shall be accomplished through the various programs to meet these needs, which includes: 

-Supporting missions group that are into rural/urban missions/evangelism;
Supporting motherless babies, homes, orphanages & disabled homes;
Providing relief/rehabilitation to refuges & victims of natural disasters / wars;
Providing skill acquisition, training & start-up capitals for small businesses, as a way of eradicating the poverty among the world's Poorest.
Providing education by helping to build, renovate & equip schools and providing scholarships to brilliant but poor students.
Providing drugs for AIDS victims & medical supplies for health care delivery.
- Providing portable drinking water & shelter for the homeless where need be.
- Providing christian literature & Bible.
- Providing a Forum to broker peace and resolve conflicts in developing and war torn or troubled nations. 
- Proclaiming a clarion call to Leaders of developing nations to uplift the living standard of their people.

If you think these are noble causes worth supporting and you want to support the Persistence Works Charity Project, Please send your tax-deductable gift of $50.00 more (either as a one time gift or a monthly or quarterly gift) to Persistence Works Charity Project. For More Information on supporting the project, or to request for a free brochure about PWCP, Please send an e-mail or call us. To make a donation -->click here


*Missions Support to some Ministries/ Missionaries in Africa & Asia 
*College Website Sponsorship/ Donation to 'UMCA Theological College, Ilorin, Nigeria'
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The Vincent Paul Ministries Int'l. Prison Book Project is a Ministry/ Project that was born out of the Necessity, Opportunity & Demand for our Books from Prisons and Correctional Facilities. After Receiving Requests from many Prisoners & then from the Deerfield Correctional Center in Virginia for Copies of our Books to be sent and placed in their Correctional facility & other such Requests - and later realizing the vast Ministry Opportunity to be able to Touch and Change the Lives of these Prisoners through our Books - We responded, and months later, the VPMI Prison Book Project was born.

The Aim of the Project is to seek to sends books to Jail & Prison Chaplains for distribution to Chapel Libraries. Studies have shown that each book will be read by about 30 people as it stays in the facility and is shared. Because Prisoners come in many different types and from many different backgrounds. Some are scared, some are confused, and some are 'evil' - But with the Power of the Gospel - even in the Printed pages - God can CHANGE Anyone - Nobody or Criminal is too difficult for our God to Change and Reach. So these Prisoners are the target of this program. And since prisoners read! As one chaplain put it, "They will read anything: The Bible, a Playboy magazine, or the label from a soup can. They have lots of time. Thus, by supply them with good Christian books, - such as the VPP Books, our various Titles - their lives will be Changed Forever.

Help Support this Project so that we can order for bulk copies of Books and send them to be a Blessing & to Change lives in our Jails and Correctional facilities. God Bless you as you Support this Project.  To make a donation --> CLICK HERE