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Tenet / Statement Of Faith

We Believe in One God being in Trinity of the Father, the Son & the Holy Spirit (Gen: 1: 26; Deut: 6:4; Matt: 28: 19; Isaiah: 6: 3; 2 Cor.: 13: 14);

We Believe in the Incarnation of the Son of God His Virgin Birth, Atoning Death, Triumphal Resurrection, Ascension & Continuing Intercession of our Lord Jesus Christ, His Second Coming & Millennial Reign upon the Earth; (John: 1:1-3, 14, Matt: 1: 23; Heb: 9: 11-15; 1 Cor.: 15:20; Acts: 1: 9-11; Heb: 7: 24-25; 1 Thess.: 4:16; Rev: 20: 4)

We Believe in the Person of the Holy Spirit & His Work in and through the Believer; the Baptism of the Holy Spirit for Believers accompanied by the initial signs of Speaking in other Tongues and the Gifts of the Holy Spirit (John: 14: 16-17, 16: 7-14, 1 Cor.: 2: 11, 12: 1-11);

We Believe that the Bible is the Divinely Inspired, Authoritative & Infallible Word of God (2 Tim: 3: 16; 2 Peter: 1: 20-21);

We Believe in the Personal Salvation of the Believer through the shed Blood of Christ & in the Believers' Justification and Sanctification Through the Finished Work of Christ. (John: 3: 16-18; 1:12; Matt: 26: 28; 1 John: 2: 2; Rom: 5: 1, 3: 22, Phil: 1: 6)

We Believe that the Church (the Body of Believers in Christ) is the Body & Bride of Christ and the Agency which has been saddled with the Responsibility of Carrying out the Great Commission & World Evangelization; and to Disciple the Believers; and Administer the Sacraments of Baptism by Immersion and of the Lord's Supper (Matt: 16: 18; Eph: 5:30; Matt: 28: 19-20; Luke: 22: 19-20)

We Believe the Depravity of the Human Nature as a result of the Fall of Man after his Creation; The Necessity of Repentance and Regeneration by Grace and Through Faith in Christ alone; And the Eternal Punishment of the Unrepentant. (Gen: 1:26-27, 3: 6-19, 6: 5; Matt: 15: 19; Ezek: 36: 26; 2 Cor.: 5: 17; John: 3: 36);

We Believe that Marriage should ONLY be between a Naturally Born MAN & a Naturally Born WOMAN. We Do Not subscribe directly or indirectly or accommodate any other form of interpretation or practice of Marriage or any practice that seeks to destroy the sanctity of the Institution of Marriage & Family as the Bible teaches it. (Gen: 1:27-28, 2:18,21-24; Malachi: 2:15; Ephesians: 5:22-33);

We Believe that the Angels are Created Beings and Ministering Spirits who Serve & Minister to God in Heaven and also are Ministering Spirits to the Believers under the Direction of God Almighty; (Heb: 2: 7; Matt: 18: 10; Rev: 4: 6-9; 22: 9)

We Believe that Satan is the fallen Archangel Lucifer - who rebelled against God in Heaven and was thrown out of Heaven and drew with him one third of the angels of God as he fell. He is today the origin and source of all evil, immorality, and sin; leading people away from God. Among the many names the Bible calls him are; Satan, Evil One; Devil; Enemy; Father of Lies; & Accuser of the Brethren. Satan will be finally Judged and cast into Hell Fire at the end of time that God has appointed. (Isaiah: 14: 12-15; Job: 1: 6; John: 17: 15; Rev: 12: 7; Matt: 13: 39; John: 8: 44; Rev. 12: 10; Rev: 20: 10);

We Believe that Demons are fallen angels who joined Satan to rebel against God in Heaven. They are today disembodied spirits who work under the leadership and direction of their master, Satan, to perpetuate evil, immorality, perversion, oppression and sin in the world today. They also are behind false doctrines and cults religions to deceive people. Like Satan, they will be finally Judged and cast into Hell Fire at the end of time that God has appointed. (2 Peter: 2: 4; 1 Tim: 4:1; Matt: 25: 41).

We Believe that God has set an appointed time at which will come the Consummation of all that had been prophesied. Beginning with the End-Time events & leading up to the Second Coming of Christ, the Resurrection of the Dead in Christ, & the Rapture of the Saints; the Tribulation, Return of Christ with the Saints & His Millennial Reign; the Resurrection of the dead to eternal damnation & the White Throne Judgment; & Satan and his Demons final judgment and being cast into Hell Fire; as God's promise of a New Heaven & a New Earth comes to pass thereby bringing the final Consummation of all things. (Matt: 24: 6-31; 1 Thess.: 4: 13-18; John: 5: 28-29; Rev. 7: 14; 1 Thess.: 3: 13; Isaiah: 11: 4-10; Rev: 20: 1-4, 11-15, 10; 21: 1-7).

We Believe that there is a literal Heaven which is the home of God our Heavenly Father, his angels & will be the home of all the Saints of God of all ages. We also Believe that there is a literal Hell Fire which has been prepared for the devil & his demons & all those who have rejected the Love of God & His Salvation through Jesus Christ; they would also spend eternity in Hell Fire; (Luke: 10: 20; Phil: 3:20; 2 Peter: 3:13; Rev:21:1; Matt: 5:29, 10:28, 18:9, Luke: 16:23, )

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